Eleven & Sun Holding

User Interface Design and Development 2017

User Interface Design

Eleven & Sun Holding has launched well-known brands in the food industry. The requirement of this organization was a website that would provide information about the activities of brands and data needed by shareholders and investors. The youx team started the project by creating a standard content structure that provided easy access to the information needed by users.
Designing the user interface of  Eleven & Sun holding website has been with a focus on the tastes of the German users in both English and German languages. Therefore, this website has a modern and simple user interface that has no margins or extras.
In the user interface (UI) programming of this website, a proper display is considered for all screens with different sizes, and this website has a standard display on all screens.

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CMS Content Management System

Eleven & Sun follows its activities and programs with high speed. Therefore, the scalability of the website and the ease of use of the content management system (CMS) were of particular importance in this project, and the content management system needed to be designed to meet the future needs of the holding. Hence, we designed the proprietary content management system of Eleven & Sun website, which, while having a simple user experience, provides the manager with different possibilities for developing and creating new pages.

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