1Sell E-commerce

Product Design 2022

Understanding the Target Audience

highest human development index among the Arab countries and the highest per capita income in the world. According to the latest statistics, the population of Qatar is around 2.6 million, of which 300,000 are citizens and 2.3 million are expatriates who have migrated to the country due to high income and favorable economic conditions for work. Due to the widespread presence of migrant workers, the Qatari market and the countries in the Persian Gulf region as a whole have a special attraction for the online sales of consumer goods.

Design for the audience within the framework of budgeting

Considering that this was the first time we designed a product for this group of audience; We needed to get to know their needs and the online business environment in Qatar before starting work. Therefore, before anything; All requirements were carefully identified by competitive analysis and benchmarks. In the following, with special attention to business goals and in order to provide a suitable identity, we designed a quality and efficient product within the budget and project schedule.

Collaboration with youx

1Sell has partnered with youx studio to offer a digital product in the e-commerce sector that meets the daily needs of this group of consumers. With the help of youx, the product was designed and developed to be user-friendly, affordable, and easy to use. The product was also designed to meet the needs and preferences of the target audience in terms of language and cultural aspects.


The case study highlights the importance of understanding the target audience and conducting a competitive analysis before launching a digital product. The collaboration between 1sell and youx studio has resulted in a successful digital product that has met the needs of the international audience in Qatar.