PhonePay Application

Product Design 2017

Design a Simple User Experience for Simple Ideas

Phonepay is a micropayment startup that offers a way to make one of our day-to-day tasks, paying taxi fare, easier. The mobile application plays a key role in the process that Phonepay has considered for its users. A simple and practical application that can be easily used by everyone from any age and level of knowledge. When we were designing the user experience of the Phonepay application, there were competitors for this service in the market. We managed to master the field of payment and the concept of e-wallet by competitive analysis and review of foreign benchmarks. A concept that brought us closer to a pleasant, simple payment. Research and experiments on different groups of users across different ages and personality types led to a very simple two-step method. In this method, the user scans the QR Code installed in the taxi by the application; after displaying the fare, it is paid by one tap.

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Where Design Make Changes

By knowing the users and fully understanding their needs, we managed to design a product that provides a simple and enjoyable experience of an e-wallet. At first glance, you can easily understand what the Phonepay app does and how it works. Apart from the first positive influence on users, the simplicity of designing the user experience of all parts, made users connect with the application very quickly and feel good about it. However, the products offered by competitors, despite offering the same features as the same product, could not create a simple and enjoyable experience for users and have a positive impact on them, and they were not very successful in attracting and retaining the users.

Application User Interface Design

Designing a simple user experience is essential for services that relate to ordinary users; however, without designing a beautiful and eye-catching user interface, it is not possible to convey a pleasant feeling of the product to the user. Apart from being simple and avoiding unnecessary features that confuse the user the most, the user interface of the Phonepay application uses minimal gestures, colors, and graphic items to properly interact with users.

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Does Simplicity Always Work?

After offering this service to the market and receiving feedback from real users, Phonepay decided to expand its idea and offer payment in restaurants, coffee shops, stores, and so on. Although there are many alternative payment methods in these places, from cash payments to bank card payments etc., Phonepay intends to seize a share of this market by its usual approach, which is to simplify the payment process. In the next step, Phonepay added micropayment activities such as charging sim card, donating to charities, paying bills, and… to the services of this application. We can now consider Phonepay as a virtual wallet that provides payment services to its users by just one click.

طراحی رابط کاربری فون‌پی

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