PechPech Campaign in FIFA World Cup 2018

User Experience and User Interface Design and Development 2018

Digital Product Design

Football World Cup days are one of the most special events in the human’s lives. The days when football fever can be seen everywhere. From cafes and restaurants to parks and cinemas, everyone plays football! Wherever you go, there are either excited people watching football on TV or arguing about football. This excitement, however, is not just for football fans. Thousands of brands from all over the world are trying to use this space to achieve their goals in a breathtaking competition with their competitors. The whisper brand, which is known to the Iranian people by introducing Croissant, had designed a game for the 2018 World Cup in Russia using images of the players of the Iranian national football team. The youx team was responsible for user experience (UX) design, user interface (UI) design and programming.

کمپین جام جهانی فوتبال پچ‌پچ

User Interface Design (UI)

In designing the user interface (UI) of the PechPech football game, we tried to create a simple and beautiful design by putting together various elements such as the visual identity of the PechPech brand, the main product of this brand, namely Crosan, as well as the visual elements of the 2018 World Cup in Russia to be consistent with the football excitement. For this reason, most of the processes predicted in the PechPech football game are designed similar to analogous events on the football field to create the needed appealing for this product’s users, according to the specific time situation in which we were.

According to the attractiveness indices of the website for users such as Average Session Duration and the rate of Returning Visitors (Bounce Rate), this service can be considered successful in terms of creating attractiveness for users.

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Website Programming

The technical development of this product was done in two parts: game website design and game design on SMS platform (SMS), which work together in an integrated way. Participants in the match go to the PechPech football game website, which is optimized for screens in all dimensions, and go through the game processes via PC, tablet and mobile. The second part, the SMS platform game, which works in an integrated way with the website’s database, is designed for participants who are not Internet users. This group of users can also enjoy participating in this competition by sending game codes.

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