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Product Design, Development and Digital Marketing 2014-2017

The Old Version of Gaj Publication

Gaj Publication had created a site since 1985 to sell products online and inform about various parts of the organization. After the years and the advances that had taken place in the field of web design, the features of this website was no longer workable to meet the different needs of users. Therefore, Gaj Publication needed a user-friendly website that could improve key performance indices, especially online sales. This was an opportunity for us to apply our expertise in online sales, which was a new segment of the market, students.

نسخه قدیمی وبسایت انتشارات گاج سال ۱۳۸۵
نسخه قدیمی وبسایت گاج سال ۱۳۸۵

New Website Design

Gaj Publication offers a variety of services to users, and all of these features were to be introduced on the new website and available to users. This was one of the major challenges we faced in this project. To solve this problem, according to the information we had about how users use the Gaj website, we designed the first page of the website as an “overview” of Gaj Publication Services, and separate sections were designed for the organization’s core services such as book sales and nationwide exams, which serve users seamlessly together.

طراحی جدید وبسایت انتشارات گاج
طراحی جدید وبسایت گاج

Gaj Publication Online Store

Creating a standard shopping experience where the customer can easily place their order can have a significant impact on sales. Apart from Gaj’s simple user experience of the website and application, features such as the ability to download a portion of the book and ranking books based on readers’ feedback, could bring about a significant positive impact on website visits and online sales of Gaj Publication products.
Nowadays, most users surf the cyberspace by mobile phones. Therefore, it was necessary to provide Gaj Publication services on the new platform properly. Gaj Android application was designed to meet this purpose. By using this application, students order the books they need, view test reports, and receive educational applications.

انتشارات گاج - فروشگاه


Users of this section take part in Gaj Publication mock exams every two weeks. The main challenge of this section, apart from the complicated process of correcting exam papers, transcribing and presenting various diagrams, was that students needed information such as budgeting, key questions, counselors’ opinions, and so on for each exam. To save time being spent by students on finding information and having a more enjoyable Gaj experience, we designed the exam section as TimeLine, which recognizes the appropriate information at the right time and displays it to the user. In addition, in this section, it has been made possible to register online for Gaj Publication exams.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the least expensive ways to increase website traffic is implementing search engine optimization (SEO). The Gaj website, which had recently been unveiled with its new user interface, also had great potential to attract new users. Therefore, by developing a realistic and effective strategy that consisted of a combination of content creation and link building techniques, we managed to reach the first page of search results for the keywords.
The following is a comparison of some of Gaj website key performance indicators before and after the SEO project. Gaj SEO project is a good example of implementing the principles of SEO and avoiding quick and temporary solutions. Therefore, now that the project has been running for a long time, the results still remain on the Gaj domain.

انتشارات گاج - شاخص عملکرد seo

Gaj Educational Applications

After entering the market, smartphones quickly attracted the attention of the public, especially students, so that today every student spends several hours a day using it. On the other hand, smartphones have created new possibilities for us to provide students with educational content in an interactive, engaging, and entertaining way. Therefore, by formulating a content strategy, we started producing 15 educational applications that, along with Gaj Publication books, provide educational content with an easy and fast learning approach.

gaj educational apps

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