Kish Free Zone

User Interface Design 2014

Different Users, Different Needs

The Kish Free Zone website comprises four sections: news, tourism, organization, and economy; in fact, each of these sections is a separate website with its own special facilities. These sections are put together by designing an integrated user interface, and each website covers the needs of a specific group of users. In addition, an intro page was designed as the main page of the website that provided easy access for all users to each of these four sections.

واسط کاربری بخش خبری سایت کیش

Integrated User Interface Design

As mentioned above, the Kish website consists of four different sections with different users. The tourism portal meets the needs of Kish Island travelers, and the economic portal covers the information needed for investment and economic activity on the island. The organizational portal has been created in line with the goals of e-government and provides services related to the Kish Free Zone Organization online, and in the news portal section, the necessary facilities for reporting and covering news events on the island have been created. Given the different goals that were defined for these sections, it was necessary to create a unique design language for the user interface of all these sections.

رابط کاربری بخش گردشگری سایت کیش

The main idea of designing the user interface was to create an environment in which the space of Kish Island became reminiscent. Therefore, inspired by the ecological elements of Kish Island and using the beautiful colors of this island, we designed the Kish Free Zone website.