Pezhvak Advertising Agency

User Interface Design, Content and Development 2016

Company Identity, Website Identity

The user interface design of the Pezhvak Advertising Agency website has been done with the focus on introducing its activities and also recruiting specialized personnel. Concerning the main page of Pezhvak website, by inspiring and using traditional elements of Iranian culture, such as turquoise color and tiling art, along with modern design, its user interface reflects the identity of Pezhvak work.

Pejvak Homepage Design

Job Opportunities

The Pezhvak website had two main missions: the introduction of Pezhvak  activities and recruitment of experts. That’s why designing the user interface of the “Job Opportunities” page of the website was so important. At the beginning of this page, a moving image has been used that makes the user familiar with Pezhvak’s workplace and tries to convey the concept of joining Pezhvak and starting cooperation. This page tries to create a better user experience for users who are looking for a job by using interactive design. Apart from this, everyone can easily and simply get the information they need and apply to the company.

Photos and Moving Images

The youx team also produced the images for this project. The production team, in coordination with the design team, maintained visual identity integrity by using indigenous spaces and models for photography. Another part of the work of the production team was the idea generation and preparation of conceptual images for various pages such as “about us” and “contact us,” which can be seen below.


Pezhvak Advertising Agency website has been designed in both Persian and English languages. The English design version of this website was nominated for the best design in 2017 by the awwwards competition body.

Pejvak Wireframing

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