PersianBlog Website

User Interface Design 2018

Blogging from Yesterday to Today

Persianblog is the first Iranian blogging service. If you are one of the experienced users of Persian web, you remember the days when the blogging was very favorable. Everyone had their own blog where they wrote their personal notes or collected a selection of their favorite content from around the web. Those days can be considered the golden age of blogging services. The famous comment “You have a good blog, visit my blog” is a relic of this period. After that, however, the situation changed with the advent of social media. In this way, the general public shared their content on social media with others, and blogging services, including Persianblog, remained for professional bloggers, or ones called bloggers.

طراحی سایت پرشین بلاگ

Modern User Interface Design

Over the years since the launch of Persianblog, the old users of this site have become accustomed to the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of this service. On the other hand, in order to properly present produced content, the need for new features and site support for non-text formats was felt more and more every day. In this situation, the youx team, by considering the organizational identity of Persianblog, redesigned the user interface (UI) of a simple, usable and modern website, which, while having the facilities of the web to produce content, also gives a sense of familiarity to experienced users. To design the Persian Blog user interface (UI), we designed two separate versions for personal computers and mobiles so that each of this users’ group can experience a standard and flawless user experience.